CMCE-55 versus Lightning Rods

The first lightning rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1749 and over 250 years later is still the standard component in most lightning protection systems.  The lightning rod is designed to initiate an upward streamer in an attempt to attract lightning and ground the charges while protecting the structure and it's contents.  

In 1916, Nikolai Tesla recognized the shortcomings of Franklin's rod and patented a 'lightning rod that inhibits lightning'.  This dome shaped apparatus was never used in Tesla's time, but it is that technology that  the CMCE is based on.  The CMCE is a variable electric field balancer that constantly draws in both positive and negative ions and sends them to ground BEFORE the cloud to ground strike has a chance to form.  The result is a large protected area where lightning will not strike.

Imagine the lightning rod as a bullet proof vest used by law enforcement.  The vest's function is to absorb the energy from the bullet much like a lightning rod attempts to absorb the energy from a lightning strike.  Lightning rods work but have a high rate of failure.  The CMCE, in contrast, unloads Mother Nature's 'gun' and stops the lightning from ever striking your property.  

Protection vs. Prevention; the choice is clear.  The CMCE-55 will provide you with 100% protection from a strike directly hitting your property.  We are so confident of this that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in the event of a failure.