Buying a CMCE-55 For your Home or boat

Getting Started


Protecting your family and home or boat from future lightning strikes is easy.  Simply click the Buy Now button below and enter your information.  We will ship a Self Install CMCE-55 model directly to you along with detailed instructions on how to install the unit on your home.  Installation is quick and easy and we are here to support you every step of the way.   All the materials are usually available at your local hardware store.  We help with everything from identifying the ideal installation point to sourcing materials.

Need a professional installer?


We understand that not everyone wants another home project.  We can help you identify a local installer that can quickly install the CMCE-55 on your home or boat for a reasonable service fee.  Typically this installation can be performed in just a few hours and will not cause any power disruptions.


The CMCE-55 home and marine units come with a 100% Performance Guarantee that not only refunds 100% of your purchase in the event of a lightning strike, but it allows you to keep your unit and we will have a professional come to your home to inspect it and make sure it is working properly and replace it, if necessary.  You get to keep your money and the CMCE!


We are the sole-source provider for all CMCE products in the United States.  No other company can offer you this product with this level of protection.


Advanced technical and installation support via phone and email will help you every step of the way.  From purchasing to installing, we've got you covered.  Our technicians can even help you identify the best installation spot on your home or boat using Google Earth or Maps.